Course Expectations

1. Arrive to class on-time and prepared
2. Be polite and respectful
3. Ask before you leave the class (it's a security thing)

How to Study Mathematics:
Additional Policies:

Course Notes

Unit 1- Graph Interpretation, Factoring and Rational Expressions:

Unit 2- Functions and their Graphs:

Unit 3- Other Functions, Inequalities, Variation:

Unit 4- Quadratiocs:
Quadratics Activity:

Quadratics Word Problems LTA:

Unit 5- Exponential and Log Functions:

Midterm Review:

Unit 6- Trigonometry:
Trig Identities:

Unit 7- Sequences and Series:

Unit 8- Statistics and Probability:

Statistics Project

Concept form:
Grade form:

Final Exam Review:

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